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Customer Support for visitors affected by the postponed Grotto opening on 30th November and 1st December.

This page is to help customers affected by the postponed opening opening weekend.

If you have not already done so can you please follow the ticket moving and refund procedures listed below.


We have have enough space to accommodate all tickets changes around our existing bookings and it will not affect numbers on site at any one time. Additional time slots are being added where needed. If you have not already contacted to be rescheduled please follow the instructions below.


------------------- UPDATE 16/12/19 ---------------------

Please accept our apologies if you have had difficulty contacting us, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of calls and messages in our small office so we are sorry if we have not managed to reply to you yet.

We are also sorry that this is a generic message to all customers that were affected by our opening weekend, we would have liked to address everyone personally but there are 1000’s of customers that were affected. Most of you would have already received your full refund or attended your rescheduled date so this update will not be relevant to you.

Following some comments and speculation that we are a scam or withholding money deliberately we thought we’d better issue everyone an update to put customer’s minds at rest. Please rest assured that if you have selected to have a refund for our opening weekend, you will receive one if you followed the instructions outlined in our original post below and emails sent to all affected customers.

Please accept our apologies for any delays is sending refunds. After initially believing any refunds would be quickly processed within 7-days we discovered that our booking system has limitations that we were unaware of, namely it does not allow for refunds to be automatically processed. Although it integrates with payment processors to receive payments, it does not integrate with them for refunding or sending payments. This has resulted in all refunds being processed manually by our small team one by one which is a very time consuming process.

From the email you have sent (see refund procedures below) each booking is tracked down, then from the booking information held we move to the card processor to locate your transaction by name/date/value, providing the card name corresponds with booking name and the email refund request received the transaction is refunded. This can take up to 10 minutes per transaction providing all the information corresponds. Where different payment card names, booking names or email addresses are used this process takes much longer to verify the correct transaction is being refunded. Likewise where multiple emails requests are received it takes longer as we are checking into transactions that have already been refunded from an earlier email. Please note that even after refunds have been actioned it can take up to another 7-days for your card provider to process and show the refund (depending on your card provider), sorry we have no control over this.

As a business we do still need to take on new bookings, although we stopped advertising to allow a window to be able reallocate tickets as a priority for affected customers we do need to promote our business and fill the remaining spaces for our event. Please do not take offence to our advertising or posts, this by no way means we don’t care about those affected by are opening weekend, nor does it mean we are only interested in new customers. New customer bookings and correspondence does not affect or delay the refund procedure.

Unfortunately sending multiple emails, social media messages or calls does not speed up the refund process, it only slows our team down that are focused on refunds.

Leaving negative reviews or messages on new promotional posts does not speed up the refund process, but it may cause damage to new business. If you could leave your comments regarding refunds to the Customer Support post provided on Facebook for affected customers it would be greatly appreciated and enable our team to periodically check in to see if any help is needed.

Although we do understand your frustration, aggressive or confrontational behaviour and messages does not speed up the refund process, but may upset the team trying to assist you.

We do apologise if you feel you have not been updated, we have tried to keep our facebook post and website updated with the latest information we have but unfortunately we can not contact everyone individually with an update due to the number of customers affected which would slow down the refund team.

Thank you for your patience and please accept our apologies again for any inconvenience or disappointment caused, we are working every hour available to ensure you are refunded as quickly as possible and we wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and New Year.



Event Notice 1/12/19

We regret to inform you that the Event organisers at the Reindeer lodge have postponed events on 1st of December 2019. Future dates will not be affected by the repair works being carried out.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for your event date cancellation and any disappointment and inconvenience it may cause. We have not taken this decision lightly and will endeavour to help any booked visitors where we can. A contact team has been set up to offer affected customers priority bookings on all our remaining dates with free transfers to peak dates and additional timeslots added.

Any customers holding tickets for the affected dates will be offered replacement tickets for an alternative date or a full refund of tickets purchased.

If you have tickets for this date please accept our apologies again, we have sent you an email to contact you using the contact details you provided when booking. If you have not received an email please check you junk folder or email us at info@reindeerlodge.co.uk with a date you would like to amend to and we will endeavour to move your tickets.

As a large number of customers are affected by this and to enable us to process your ticket date changes or refunds as quickly as possible please follow the proceedures below.


To reschedule your visit: Please email us from your booking email address (email address used when the booking was made) with the following information:

Your name.

Timeslot you were booked on.

Date you would like to revisit.


To cancel your tickets for a full refund:Please email us from your booking email address (email address used when the booking was made) with the following information:

Your name.

Timeslot you were booked on.

Please state: REFUND MY TICKETS, I do not wish to reshedule a visit.

Tickets refunds will be processed and refunded within 7-days to the payment method used when the tickets were purchased.







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